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"Reality is for people who lack imagination." (c) not mine.

Here I've tried to collect all the stuff I've been doing in the past. Not all of them were successful, though I still think worth to be published in here.

My works are sorted by years: [2002] / [2001] / [2000]
Or by projects: [ic2001.org] / [welcome2frankfurt.de] / [premierbank.kiev.ua] / [infokiev.com] / [S-Broker, Reuters] / [privatebanking-db.com] / [UnionInvestment Call Center]



S-Broker - brokerage system - buying/selling entities on various venues/stock exchanges with all possible stock price parameters, account money transfers, etc.

ic2001.org - AIESEC International Congress 2001 in Switzerland. Database design, server-side scripts programming, graphical design.
See official mirror: http://www.ic2001.solovyov.com
welcome2frankfurt.de - annual project ran by Frankfurt/Main city government. Site aimed to inform visitors on the project programm, last year results. Provides wide range of useful tips/links, photos, viconnected with city Frankfurt on Main.
au-intranet.com - diploma paper work. Site dedicated to easify documents flow process in State Oil and Gas University in Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukraine).
infokiev.com - private commerce project. Unfortunately not any longer avaliable. Idea: create a web portal for the capital of Ukraine (c. Kiev).
premierbank.kiev.ua - leading ukrainian bank portal providing brokerage analitical information.

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